How to Distinguish 2 Types of Flat Die Pellet Mill Machines

Flat die pellet mill machines can be divided into 2 types, one is roller-turned small pellet mill (or called rotating roller pellet mill), while the other is die-turned (or call rotating die). Many people are confused with these two types.

Then, how to distinguish roller-turned and die-turned flat die pellet mill machines?

1. They have different appearances.
The main box of the die-turned flat die pellet mill machine has two raised parts, which is used to fix the stationary roller inside, while the roller-turned one does not have raised parts on the main box since its roller is rotating. Also, their electric cabinet differs. Although both types adopt CHINT and SIEMENS brands components, the roller-turned type is unique since it also adopts PLC system.

2. They have different working principles.
In the die-turned flat die pellet mill machine, the raw material is pressed by the force of the stationary self-circling roller and the rotating die; while in the roller-turned small pellet mill, the raw material is pressed by the rotating roller. At the same time, the roller also turns itself. These coactions press the material much denser.

die turned pellet mill roller turned pellet-mill
die-turned flat die pellet mill roller-turned flat die pellet mill
rotating die pellet mill rotating roller pellet mill

3. They are suitable for processing different materials.
Because of their different working principles, die-turned and roller-turned flat die pellet mill machines perform differently in processing the same material. Generally, roller-turned type can produce better pellets from hardwood, while die-turned type can process other biomass materials if no special requirements about the pellets quality.

4. They have different features.
For details about their features, please see flat die pellet mill.

5. Lastly, their prices are different.
The roller-turned type small pellet mill for sale has many advantages in pressing wood pellets, but it has higher price. The die-turned one has lower price, so it is the ideal choice for home use or who do not have high budget.

All in all, whether choose the die-turned type or the roller-turned type depends on your demand and many other factors. And the wisest choice is to contact us for advice!

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