How To Make Wood Pellets

In recent years, wood pellets have been so popular that more and more people are using wood pellets to replace their original heating sources for stoves. Now wood pellets have been widely used for burning by homeowners, farm owners, greenhouse owners, ranch owners and power plants. But many people are still not clear about how to make wood pellets. Here is the process:

  1. Get ready your wood material. It could be any form, no matter sawdust or wood log. If your raw material is sawdust, it can be directly used to make pellets; if you have wood logs, wood pieces or the like, crush them first. When the raw material wood is crushed into powder form, add some water into it and mix until the moisture content of mixture is about 8-12% (If your raw material is too wet, you need to dry it to the required moisture content). To test the moisture, a moisture meter is a good help.wood raw material
  2. Then put your wood powder into the pellet machine. When the wood powder goes into the pellet pressing chamber, it is pressed by the rotating roller (ZLSP R type small wood pellet mill or BPM series large ring die pellet mill) or rotating die type (ZLSP D type) and forced to go through the round holes in the die. Then pellets go out and cut by a cutter to have uniform length. The ZLSP R type small wood pellet mill or BPM series large ring die pellet mill perform better in making various wood pellets. Remember not to touch the newly made wood pellets, since they have high temperature.wood pellet mills
  3. Cool the wood pellets. If you are home user and do not make too many pellets, just pour them on a flat surface and they will cool down and get dry. If you are industrial producer, a cooler is necessary. Also, other auxiliary equipments can also contribute to wood pellets making.

For different raw materials or requirements, the process of making wood pellets will be slightly different. But don’t worry, GEMCO will give you a great help on your wood pellets making.

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