Pelleting Mills

A lot of work and ingenuity is being thrown into the task of producing the best pelleting mills in this day and age. Pelleting mills are also referred to as pelleting presses and are very useful in the production of pellets. They mostly convert powdered materials, such as sawdust into pellets. Pelleting mills are either divided into large-scale or small-scale mills. They are not used to break larger materials into smaller ones. This is where they differ from grinding mills. Predominantly, pelleting mills are quite useful in combining several smaller materials into larger ones.

Pelleting mills are well-endowed to ensure that they produce homogenous pellets. Flat die mills and ring die mills are among the most common types of large-scale pelleting mills. The large scale mills are good for the production of animal feeds, fuel pellets which are useful in pellet stoves, and wood pellets. Small-scale mills, on the other hand, are nothing more but the variations of hydraulic presses and screw presses. In the smaller mills, you will not fail to notice the presence of platens and water ports. Platens are useful in speeding up the production process while water ports cool the machines.

flat die pelleting mills ring die pelleting mills
Flat die pelleting mills Ring die pelleting mills

Pelleting mills are quite useful in the production of certain types of pellets which are of great benefit in a number of infrared spectroscopy applications. If you choose to use the pelleting mills to produce animal feed, you must combine powdered feedstock and wet ingredients. The most common options here include grass, sawdust, flour, steam and molasses. You need to bear it in your mind that once they are put into the pelleting mills, the feedstocks will go through a lot of polymerization whereby they break and re-form over and over again. It is a natural part of this process and should not get you scared.

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