What Are the Advantages of Wood Pellet Mill Dies?

For a set of wood pellet mill, the most important parts are dies and rollers. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of wood pellet mills in China, GEMCO has improved pellet mill dies design to meet market demand.

The one that performs extremely well in pressing wood pellets is rotating roller type wood pellet mill. It has the following advantages:

  1. wood-pellet-mill-diesIt can produce better wood pellets with a density of 1.1*103kg/m3, smooth surface as well as durability. So the wood pellets can meet storage and transportation requirements.
  2. The initiative motion of roller is good for the pressing of raw materials and driving the material to move, which promotes material mixing.
  3. The large diameter roller shaft can bear the counter-acting force of hard wood, so it is more suitable for hardwood pellet processing.
  4. The low forming speed reduces its sensitiveness to materials, so it has better adaptability to different raw materials.
  5. The die compression ratio is designed according to specific raw materials. We have made over hundreds of tests for different materials, and have got the most suitable compression ratio.
  6. The service life of a single wood pellet mill die is 600h.
  7. The die has smooth surface and the holes are arranged evenly. (Those made by other manufacturers have rough surface and unevenly die holes.) After days of usage, the die can even be as shiny as a mirror.

Even though die is the main part of wood pellet mill, it is still a consumable part. So, when purchasing wood pellet mill, it is strongly advisory to buy some dies and rollers, in case they break after months’ utilization. And of course, you can consult us for most professional advice.

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